Revolve24's SA Penny Farthing Championship is set to take place on Saturday 13th January 2018 at The Bend Motorsport Park.

This will be a fabulous spectacle and a very quick race.  The penny farthing was the first serious bicycle that can go up to 45-50km/hr.  It was the first, fast, racing vehicle, the original hoon machine from the 1880s.

There will be up to twenty of these awesome machines taking part in a 30 minute sprint race which will be run from 08:30 – 09:00 hours. Racers will get access to the track following the Race Briefing at 08:00.

The race will be timed using the MyLaps pro-chip timing system - see

The Revolve24 SA Penny Farthing Championship will be the first competitive race to take place on the brand-new, world class track of The Bend Motorsport Park. A penny farthing will set the lap record.


Race rules and bike eligibility guidelines will be provided by Dan Bolwell ( who will also be responsible for the Race Briefing and Race Direction.

The Race entry is $27.12 (including fees).

The race will be a Cycling Australia sanctioned event and to participate you will need a Race License. You can purchase a CA Racing Day Membership during registration for $38.65.


To enter click here the logo:



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