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Revolve24 Australia PTY LTD, a limited company (ACN: 610 193 050), can be contacted by email at: 


Terms and Conditions of Entry

Riders understand and agree that they participate in any Revolve24 Australia Event entirely at their own risk and that no responsibility whatsoever shall attach to any Event sponsors, race directors, or any person involved in the organisation of the Event for any death, injury, accidents, loss or damage suffered by the rider in, or by reason of the Event, however such may be caused.

By submitting an application online and paying a fee for entry into a Revolve24 Australia event you understand and agree to abide by these terms and conditions, event regulations and the instructions given by the organiser and race officials. You shall not be eligible or entitled to participate in the event until full payment of the entry fee has been received by Revolve24 Australia. No payment shall be deemed to have been received until Revolve24 Australia have received cleared funds.


Associated Risk

Riders acknowledge the physically strenuous nature of this Event, the risks both medically and physically. Riders confirm they are healthy and fit (physically and medically) enough to complete this event. Riders accept that should any medical or physical condition arise prior to the Event which is likely to effect their ability to compete will be reason to withdraw in accordance with these conditions.



Entry is open to participants as set out in the categories listed on the website ( and the minimum age is 16yrs on the first day of the event. Youth riders: 16-17yrs will be considered on an individual basis - please contact us for consideration. Youth riders must have relevant experience of Endurance cycling. Proof of age will be required at registration.

This registration entitles these individuals to paddock, pit access as well as Revolve24 App access.

Riders will not be entitled to a refund of the fees if they are disqualified from the event as a result of an infringement of these conditions or any such rules and regulations.

All riders agree and understand and agree that they participate in this race entirely at their own risk, that they must rely on their own ability in dealing with all hazards and that they must ride in a manner which is safe for themselves and all others.

Riders must be aware that at any time when riding in an event the function of the marshals is only to indicate direction and that they must decide if the movement is safe.

Participants agree that no liability whatsoever shall be attached to Revolve24 Australia, its employees and associates, event sponsor(s), or Sydney Motorsport Park, in respect of any injury, loss or damage suffered in or by reason of the Event, however caused.


Terms and Conditions of Participation

By entering the Revolve24 12+12 event you agree to the following statement:

"I agree to abide by the bike eligibility regulations of Revolve24 Australia and understand and agree that I participate in this race entirely at my own risk, that I must rely on my own ability in dealing with all hazards, and that I must ride in a manner which is safe to myself and others. I acknowledge the Revolve24 Australia will not have Personal Accident Insurance cover for Riders participating in this Event I agree that no liability whatsoever shall attach to the promoter, promoting club, race sponsor, Sydney Motorsport Park or any race official or member of the Federation or member of the promoting club in respect of any injury, loss or damage suffered by me in or by reason of the Event, however caused.

Revolve24 Australia strongly advises riders to purchase their own Personal Accident Insurance. Riders with existing Personal Accident Insurance cover should check with their insurers that it will cover this event. Revolve24 Australia will not be held responsible for a failure to arrange adequate insurance on the part of the rider or any subsequent claim by an uninsured rider.


Data Protection

I agree for the purposes of this condition, “Personal Information” includes medical data collected for health and safety purposes, as well as data collected to make my Event experience more memorable.

I agree that my personal information can be stored, used by Revolve24Aus and its Event partners in connection with the organisation, staging and administration of the Event.

Medical Information will only be used to allow medical assistance to be given on the Event date.

I agree that my Personal Information and data may be stored and used by Revolve24Aus and its Event Partners in connection with the compilation of statistical information and to improve health and safety procedures at future Events.

I agree that my name and contact details can be used by Revolve24 Australia and its Event Partners for the purposes of:

- the promotion and marketing of the Event;

- adding me to a mailing list to keep me informed about any future Event and services which Revolve24Aus believe I might be interested in, such as leisure activities relating to either similar types of Event or activities;

- promotional and marketing material in respect of similar Events, other community based activities organised by Revolve24 Australia and its Event Partners.

We shall take all necessary steps to ensure that personal information or marketing information pertaining or relating to you which comes into the possession or control of Revolve24 Australia or our Event partners shall not be:

- used or reproduced in whole or in part in any form except for the purposes outlined in these Terms & Conditions.

If you would not like Revolve24 Australia or our Event partners to use the Marketing Information or Personal Information other than for purposes related solely to your participation in the Event, please email Revolve24Australia at 

I am aware that by agreeing to the terms and conditions I will receive a limited number of emails which will include training information and latest updates on the Event itself.

Entry to the Event will be acknowledged via a confirmation email.


Withdrawal Policy

Revolve24 Australia operates a strict withdrawal policy as outlined below.

As soon as Revolve24Australia start to organise an Event, we start to incur costs. The entry fees we receive are invested into the cost of staging the Event. Iconic motor circuits are expensive venues at which to host these unique cycling challenges and your participant fee is invested into the cost of staging the Event.

A Revolve24 Australia Event requires a considerable amount of forward planning and expense. Our withdrawal policy reflects this, and is as follows:

Credits will be issued after the Event and to these criteria:

•          Notification dated eight weeks (61 days) or more before the event = 50% credit

•          Notification dated four to eight weeks (30 to 60 days) before event = 20% credit

•          Notification dated less than four weeks (29 days) before event = nil credit.

Due to the nature of sports events we are unable to make exceptions for illness, injuries or pregnancy.

Event entries are transferable to another person to enable a team to compete in the category they have entered on payment of an administration fee of $10.00. Any change to the data held on the computer system requires considerable time and cost in administration.

Notify Revolve24 Australia Pty Ltd in writing by email. Date of withdrawal is date of the email. Telephone messages are not acceptable.

Send your email to: 

In the email, please give your full name and the event you are withdrawing from.


Booking Fee

Under no circumstances is the booking fee refundable. 


Personal Identification

All riders must be in possession of photographic personal identification acceptable to Revolve24Aus.  Acceptable forms of photographic ID include a photo drivers licence or passport.


Media and Photography

I understand and accept that media professionals may take photographs and video footage of the Event and its participants for use to publicise and promote Revolve24 events and sponsors.


Event Format changes/Cancellation

Revolve24 Australia reserves the right to amend the event format, timings, duration, course or cancel the Event due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control or for any safety-related reason.  Participants will be informed of any such changes at the event or sooner if practicable. 

If the Event format is changed the Participant will not be entitled to any refund and there shall be no further liability whatsoever arising from such change of format.

In the unlikely event of the Event being cancelled, Revolve24 Australia shall provide the Participant with a full refund, less an administration charge of $10.00, with no further liability whatsoever arising from such cancellation. 



Please note that some of the food products given out at the Event may contain or have traces of nuts and nut oils or may have been made alongside other products containing nuts. Revolve24Aus cannot be held responsible for any issues resulting from food allergies.


Good and Services Regulations

Merchandise and services orders are governed by national law, Australian Consumer Law (ACL), which guarantees your rights when you buy goods and services – including your rights to repairs, replacements and refunds.  Revolve24Aus will repair, replace or refund if the goods or services do not meet one or more of the following consumer guarantees:

•          not of acceptable quality

•          does not match the description

•          does not match the sample or demonstration model shown to you.

This right does not extend to race entries.


Event Mementos

Race mementos given to competitors on the day of the Event cannot be made available to anyone who fails to turn up or who has withdrawn from the Event.


Email Communication

Revolve24 Australia will primarily use email and mobile messaging via its dedicated Event App to communicate with its Participants. By entering this Event, I agree to receive emails and mobile messages regarding this specific Event. Other Revolve24 Australia emails and mobile messages, such as newsletters and promotions, have an ‘unsubscribe’ link, but race-specific emails do not have this link. Revolve24 Australia cannot be responsible if Event information does not reach the intended recipient by email. The onus is on the entrant to ensure that their spam filters will allow Revolve24Aus emails and message through, for example by adding  to their email address books. Revolve24Aus can only be responsible for ensuring that the email address provided is the one to which Event emails are sent. All specific Event emails and mobile messages will be available on the Revolve24 website and mobile App.


Timing and Results

Revolve24 Australia will use best endeavours to provide timing and result data both during and after the Event for the Participant and their team, however it cannot be held responsible for any computer result anomalies and any technical malfunctions.


Removal of Participants

Revolve24 Australia reserves the right at any time to remove and exclude participants from the Event or to prevent Participants from participating in the Event if in the Event organiser’s sole discretion, it considers such action necessary for safety reasons or the proper enjoyment of the Event by other participants or for any other reasonable reason. No refund of the Event fee shall be made if the participant has acted negligently, maliciously, with wilful misconduct or otherwise without due care and attention for the Event or other Participants, so as to cause his/her removal and exclusion.


Reselling or Swap

Race entries are transferable to another person to enable teams to compete in the category they have entered on payment of an administration fee of $50.00. Any change to the data held on the computer system requires considerable time and cost in administration.

I agree that participation in the Event is personal to me and I am strictly prohibited from swapping, selling or transferring my place in the Event or allowing any other person to wear my Participant number and participate in my place, unless I have used the online booking system I used to enter the event to make a transfer. If found to be in breach of this the organiser reserves the right to remove me and exclude me from participation in this and future Event.



Whilst Revolve24 Australia takes every care with staging the Event, I acknowledge that personal accident and personal items insurance is my sole responsibility. 

Revolve24 Australia shall not be liable to the Participant for any loss of or damage to personal equipment belonging to the Participant, or any indirect or consequential loss or damage whatsoever arising out of the Participant taking part in the Event; or for any loss of business; revenue or profit; loss of reputation; anticipated savings or wasted expenditure; pledges made on your behalf or by you to charity. Revolve24 Australia will not be liable for any actions of any spectators, other participants or other third parties.

I accept that any mechanical support received on my bike from Revolve24 Australia partners, participants or other third parties is at my own discretion and I will not hold anyone else responsible for any subsequent bike malfunctions or resulting injury.

I accept that should my bike be transferred in any vehicle during the Event, I accept it is placed and transferred in the vehicle at my own risk and Revolve24 Australia are not liable for any damage caused during this process.


Nothing in this agreement shall affect our liability for death or personal injury, fraud, or any other liability to the extent it cannot be excluded or limited by law.

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