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We encourage a wide range of cyclists to take part in Revolve24 - from teams looking to bond over a weekend challenge, folk wanting to raise awareness and cash for charity to competitive cyclists looking to win a place on the podium. 

All are welcome!

We are also really pleased to be able to welcome another group - those wishing to take part in the renowned challenge that is The Race Across America (RAAM).

In the UK we are delighted to be the only UK race able to offer a chance for soloists to qualify for RAAM 2020/21.  Teams are also welcome to use our event as a practise for the RAAM.

Revolve24 at The Bend in Adelaide is also another thrilling qualifier race for 2020/21 qualification - so we have both sides of the globe covered!


See Rick Boethling from the RAAM explain:

In our 2016 UK event we had 5 soloist riders that qualified to participate in the RAAM, and this was followed by 10 men and 1 woman in the 2017 event!

Our 2018 Australian event saw 7 men and 1 woman qualify for RAAM!


To take part in RAAM as a soloist you have to have successfully taken part in a solo 24hr ride at an approved qualifying event.

Revolve24 at Brands Hatch in the UK is now one of those events - so as part of your build up to a 2019/20 attempt this is now an exciting alternative qualifier.

Revolve24 at The Bend is also another thrilling qualifier race for 2019/20 qualification - so we have both sides of the globe covered!

You will be able to defer your qualification for one year once you have completed the required distance.


Whatever sized team you enter for RAAM, the experience of working together is vital for a successful and enjoyable experience - or maybe a way of finding out if RAAM is indeed for you. Working together beforehand to plan off-track strategy, pre-event nutrition and training as well as coping with the experience of a 24 hour event will stand you in good stead for the actual event.

So if you are interested in a bite-szed RAAM then this could be just the event for you.....


For soloists wishing to qualify for the RAAM entry into the Revolve24 event will be into a non-drafting solo category (you'll simply need to let us know that this is the category you wish to enter on your entry and that's all you need to do)

UK Riders: To qualify for RAAM Male Soloists will need to complete a minimum of 340 miles and Female Soloists a minimum of 315 miles. Allowance has been made from RAAM's normal qualifying distance (400 miles) due to the nature of Brands Hatch's circuit.

Australian Riders: To qualify for RAAM Male Soloists will need to complete a minimum of 380 miles (611.6km) and Female Soloists a minimum of 350 miles (563.3km).

Teams entering RAAM do not need to qualify, so you can enter into whichever category suits your team size - and be able to compete and take part as any other team would. Whether you wish to complete the 24hrs without drafting is up to you.

All entries would be subject to the same guidance of bike, lighting and safety specifications as other riders - details of which can be found under "Bike Eligibility and Lights Guidance".


RAAM is run by Fred and Rick Boethling and based in Boulder, Colorado. More details on their fantastic race and contact details for any specific questions can be found at

Obviously we're also happy to help too via

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