Mental Miles

Mental health researcher Associate Professor Simon Rosenbaum from UNSW Sydney will advise on the benefits of exercise to wellbeing for VRAAM.

Isolation and reduced physical activity can take their toll on our mental health, while exercise and social connection are both protective factors. VRAAM will ensure riders get plenty of ‘Mental Miles’ under their belt which in these difficult times will help inspire everyone to prioritize our physical and mental health.

It’s an amazing fact that if people all around the world exercised for 60 minutes per week then depression would be reduced by 17%. One of the primary goals of VRAAM is to spread this message throughout the globe to impact as many people as possible in the most positive of ways. To read more bout the benefits of exercise with links to the primary research click HERE.

Associate Professor Simon Rosenbaum

Tony Kiss will be interviewing Simon regularly in the lead up, and during VRAAM to understand how exercise can help our mental health overall and the challenges that Rupert Guinness will experience during the 12 days of VRAAM where he will be riding up to 20hrs per day. Tony is Rupert’s ‘Mind Coach’ and has weekly session with Rupert. Tony coaches  athletes, business people, and the general public to navigate through life's various struggles, i.e. finances, relationships, career, business etc.. helping people to identify their blind spots that do not serve a purpose and create and establish new perceptions or ideologies that do serve a purpose in helping an individual become the best version of themselves.

Tony Kiss (click image to visit Tony's website)

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Mental Motivation

Motivation Strategy

60min of Exercise Per Week

Supporting Riders

Exercise the Brain

Athletes are Not Alone

Your Story, Your Network

COVID and the VRAAM project

Rupert Guinness’ is massively motivated to support mental health during his virtual Race Across America. He will get plenty of Mental Miles under his belt in June.

Rupert regards ultra-endurance cycling not just as an opportunity to challenge himself. He also sees it as a platform from which he can try to heighten awareness of mental health. It has helped him handle his own long term self-esteem issues and the eating disorder bulimia. He hopes that by keeping the dialogue on mental health open, he can help others.

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