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12+12 FAQ

How do I enter StreetWork 12+12 by Revolve24?

Registrations for StreetWork 12+12 by Revolve24 are HERE

Registrations are open from 2 July to 2 December 2021

There will be no ‘on the day’ entries.

How much is registration?

StreetWork 12+12 by Revolve24: $50 per rider

What is the event schedule?

  • 17:30-18:20*: Orientation - All riders allowed on track.
  • 18:30: StreetWork 12+12 by Revolve24 starts
  • 22:00: Cut-off time
  • 22:15: Podium Presentation

*Subject to change dependant on track availability.

What is included in the 12+12 Entry Fee?

  • Registration
  • Live timing
  • Mechanical support
  • Medical assistance
  • Equal prizes for Female, Male and Mixed Teams
  • DJ to get the party started
  • Free event photos

Which circuits will we be riding in the 12+12?

You will be riding 12 laps of the 3.93km Gardner circuit and 12 laps of the 2.8km Druitt circuit. You can choose which order you ride the circuits. You can ride them in any order you like, as long as you ride 12 laps of each circuit. To look at the circuits in more detail, go HERE

Is there a minimum age requirement to register for the 12+12?

Riders must be over the age of 18 on the day of the event. 16-17 year olds will be considered on an individual basis – please EMAIL US

Does the registration fee cover personal insurance?

No, personal accident insurance is not included in the registration fee.

What kind of bike can I ride?

Road bikes, as this is a drafting event. Disc or rim brakes are permitted. No time trial bikes, bikes with aero bars or full disc wheels are permitted. If you have any enquiries about bike eligibility then please EMAIL US

Do I need lights on my bike?

No, as the track is lit there is no requirement for lights on your bike. You may wish to bring a headtorch for packing up after the event as the lighting in the car park will not be as bright.

Is a helmet compulsory?

Yes, it is compulsory to wear a helmet that complies with Australian Standard AS/NZ2063. Helmets must be worn (with the chin strap fastened) throughout the event. Any participant without a helmet will be removed from the event.

Can we draft behind other riders?

You are encouraged to draft with your team mates so that you ride together and finish together.

You are NOT allowed to draft between teams.

How will my team’s starting grid position be determined?

When you register you will be invited to join a STRAVA CLUB and the kilometres that you ride until November 30th, combined with the donations you have raised for StreetWork, will determine your grid position.

What if one of our riders has a ‘mechanical’?

Any time you want, you can choose to stop at the Track Access point to make a repair. Alternatively, you can choose to ride on as a team of three. The third rider counts as finishing time for your Team. If more than one of your Team has to drop out, then the remaining riders are free to continue but cannot qualify for the podium.

Will there be a safety and event briefing?

There will be a mandatory briefing on the starting grid at 6:20pm.

How do I get to the event?

You access Sydney Motorsport Park at Gate 1. This is off the roundabout at the end of Brabham Drive. To review the venue map and for more information about how to get to Sydney Motorsport Park, go HERE

Can I ride an e-bike?

We want to be as inclusive as possible and let you enjoy the smooth tramac of a racing circuit. So, you and your team members will be allowed to ride an e-bike. If we have a minimum of 6 teams containing e-bikes then we will create a specific race category. If there are fewer than 6 teams then you will be riding on the basis that your team is non-competitive and not eligible to challenge for the podium or prizes. You will need to indicate that you are riding an e-bike during the registration process.

Will food and coffee be available?

Yes, a food and coffee truck will be available in the car park area near the grandstand. In addition the Garage Kitchen, Bar and Cafe will be open. This is a fully-catered and licenced café and hospitality clubhouse. The Garage is situated directly above the pit lane, in the main pit building.

StreetWork FAQ

Who is StreetWork and why is their program important?

StreetWork supports vulnerable young people (aged 11 to 18) to turn their lives around and build a positive future. Our one-on-one mentoring and early intervention and prevention program empowers young people to set goals so that they can Break the Cycle of their risk-taking behaviours. PwC independently assesses the social impact of StreetWork, highlighting that over 85% of StreetWork’s program participants graduate and achieve their goals and that for every $1 you invest, there's a $16 return to the community. Watch two of our graduates talk about their StreetWork experience HERE

Is it a requirement to raise money for StreetWork?

The purpose of this event is to raise much needed funding to support StreetWork help vulnerable young people turn their lives around. Our mentors, trained youth case workers, encourage young people to set goals that 'Break the Cycle' that binds them to risk-taking behaviours such as youth crime, suicidal thoughts and self harm, school disengagement, social isolation, alcohol and substance abuse and youth homelessness. We're asking that your Break the Cycle team rally together to raise a minimum of $500 to help StreetWork achieve its purpose. This is an expectation, not a requirement and your support is much appreciated.

What will my donation funds be spent on?

COVID has left StreetWork with a wait list - but high risk young people can't wait. We are aiming to raise $100,000 from Break the Cycle so that we can take 50 young people off our wait list and place them into our mentoring program. With your help we can turn 50 young lives around.

What is matched funding?

Your employer may support your fundraising efforts by matching your donation, dollar for dollar. Why not contact your HR department to see if your company offers a matched funding program? All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

How do I volunteer for, or get involved with StreetWork outside of this event?

Subscribing to StreetWork's newsletter will keep you up to date with our full program of fund raising events and volunteer opportunities. Help StreetWork turn a young life around - subscribe HERE


Streetwork 12+12 by Revolve24 is a Covid-safe event..

We have put in place a number of Covid-safe measures for participants, event staff and supporters. A number of measures are described below, and we ask every participant and every visitor to respect the following rules at all times:

  • You must be double vaccinated to gain access to Sydney Motorsport Park.
  • You must check-in to Sydney Motsport Park using their QR code which will be at the entrance, Gate 1.
  • Don’t attend if you are experiencing any Covid-related symptoms (fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, runny nose, loss of taste, loss of smell).
  • Practise good hand hygiene and make use of the hand sanitiser stations available at registration and at each food cart onsite.
  • Respect social distancing at all times (keep a safe distance of 1.5m between you and other visitors).
  • Respect the directions given by the event staff.

These measures may change in line with advice from NSW Health.

Conditions of Entry

As a condition of entry to Sydney Motorsport Park, all visitors must declare and agree to the following prior to entering the venue:

  • You are not showing any symptoms of COVID-19.
  • You have not had contact with a person who has been confirmed with COVID-19 in the past 14 days.
  • You have not returned from overseas in the past 14 days.
  • You have not visited any location currently subject to a NSW Public Health Order (specific locations, dates and times are indicated on the NSW Government website:
  • You are not awaiting results of a COVID-19 test and are not currently required by relevant authorities to quarantine or self-isolate.
  • You agree to scan the QR Code on arrival – NOTE: please ensure you have the Service NSW app downloaded onto your phone.
  • Proof of vaccination for all StreetWork 12+12 participants and attendees will need to be shown to gain entry to Sydney Motorsport Park on the event day, 4 December 2021.
  • You agree to maintain physical distancing of 1.5m, in line with NSW Government guidelines.
  • You will follow good hygiene practices while onsite.
  • You will follow any relevant Covid-19 Safety Plan requirements advised to you and any reasonable direction of Revolve24 Aus Pty Ltd staff, security staff, volunteers and/or emergency services.

Check-in Procedure

  • All visitors will be required to check-in via the Service NSW App and show vaccination status to the Marshall at the entry to the Sydney Motorsport Park to gain entry to the site. Only double vaccinated riders and visitors will be allowed to enter Sydney Motorsport Park.
  • Check-in: Team Captains only will be asked to go via a single Entry/Exit system to the check-in desk to collect the team bibs and seat post stickers.
  • Check-in will be open from 4:00pm to 6:00pm on the evening of Saturday 4th December. All participants are encouraged to arrive in good time for the event.
  • There will be marks on the ground to indicate where Team Captains can stand while queuing to check-in and maintain social distancing.
  • Our staff and volunteers in this area will wear masks.
  • The StreetWork 12+12 by Revolve24 is a timed event. Once you have obtained your seat post sticker, which contains your timing chip, please affix it to the seat post of your bike without assistance from staff.

Finish Line and Podium Presentation

We all want to celebrate, and need do this in a manner which maintains social distancing. For the podium presentation, we will be announcing the third, second and first place teams but only asking the first place team to come to the podium to receive the trophy and prizes on their behalf.

What happens if the event is effected by a Covid-lockdown?

In the event that the StreetWork 12+12 by Revolve24 cannot be held on the 4th December 2021due to Covid then we will arrange a contingency date with Sydney Motorsport Park. Your registration will be automatically switched to the new date and if life happens to make this day unworkable we are offering a full refund, less an administration charge of $10, with no further liability arising, whatsoever.

What if the event has to be cancelled?

As per the T&Cs all registrants have to agree on when registering, “In the event of the event being cancelled it shall provide the participant with a full refund, less an administration charge of $10, with no further liability whatsoever arising from such cancellation.”