The Bend Motorsport Park

Adelaide, Australia

26-27 March 2022 have been reserved with The Bend Motorsport Park for Revolve24 Australia's next edition. We are back on track and the planning is underway for all three Challenges; 6hr, 12hr and 24hr for soloists or relay teams. Registrations will open in September 2021 and we are in discussions with JDRF to continue our support in fighting Type 1 Diabetes. 

The Bend Motorsport Park is a world-class, $100 million development located near Adelaide, South Australia, catering for international events, national series racing, grass roots club events, driver safety training and drive experience programs.  The Bend is Australia’s newest circuit built to the latest FIA Category 2 and FIM Category A standards.

Revolve24 Australia was the first event ever to be held on this unique circuit in 2018 and we have held two fabulous events before hit by the Covid crisis. In 2022 we will again be riding the 4.9km International Circuit. If you want to watch the 2019 event documentary to get a good idea of what it's all about then VIEW HERE 

We have welcomed Penny Farthings to the track and have plans for other events to join our Endurance Events in the near future.
Revolve24 is the only RAAM qualifying event in Australia.