Grid Qualification


The start of StreetWork 12+12 by Revolve24 will take place on the grid at Sydney Motorsport Park. Each grid box is numbered, and your team will line up in the numbered grid box you have achieved during qualification.

The qualification period is from the moment you register for the event until midnight on Wednesday 26 October 2022.


To contribute to the team’s qualification, riders need to join the Strava club StreetWork 1212 by Revolve24. To join this group log on to Strava, navigate to ‘Explore’ from the Strava web page or select ‘Groups’ at the bottom of the Strava app, choose ‘Clubs’ and type in StreetWork 1212 by Revolve24. You can then join the group. Just ride as normal after that and we will aggregate the individual rides into the team's qualifying performance.


The qualifying position is a calculation of each team’s collective qualifying performance. This is the distance that your team has ridden, combined with the cumulative elevation. 


The grid positions will be periodically published, so that you can see how well your team is doing and the final qualifying grid will be available when you check in at Sydney Motorsport Park on 29 October.

If you are not on Strava or would prefer not to take part in the Grid Qualification then don't worry, you can safely start from the back of the grid.

The Course


Starting in the motor racing grid markings on the main straight, your team can choose in exactly what order you want to do the 24 laps. 12 laps of the Gardner GP Circuit first…..?

Gardner Unbranded.png

….or 12 laps of the Druitt circuit first?


You could even mix and match. You choose. All you have to do is keep count. Bring some supporters along as well. They will be able to help you keep count as they will be getting a live data stream of your progress.

Druitt unbranded.png