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If you want to know how far riders went during the 24hr, 12hr or 6hr Challenges, in past editions of Revolve24, then click on the button for that year and all will be revealed.

The fastest laps and KOM/QOM times are also listed in the results, as well as the results of the South Australian Penny Farthing Championships. 

During event weekend, live timing will be available for everyone to see how you are going. Your friends and family can track your progress from the comfort of their own homes!

R24Sat (137).jpg

January 2018

This was the very first event, ever, at The Bend Motorsport Park. Some people said it was a bit windy and due to a last minute circuit change there was no KOM/QOM

March 2019

Conditions were good, although the wind got up in the afternoon. This would lead us to schedule future editions to an earlier start. 

19R24SA (578).jpg

March 2022

All the results for the 6hr, 12hr and 24hr Challenges.

Live Timing

Live timing will be available here during event weekend

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