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The Bend Motorsport Park is a world-class, state of the art development located near Adelaide, South Australia, catering for everything from international events, national series, grass roots club events, driver safety training, driver experience programs and most important of all cycling! Revolve24 was the very first event at The Bend in 2018 and we will be back for our 4th edition in 2023.

The accommodation at The Bend consists of the Rydges Pit Lane Hotel and The Big4.

International Circuit layout 2022.png
The International Circuit

At 4.95km the circuit we will be riding is the same one that the Supercars use. There is an elevation gain of 16m per lap and a maximum gradient of 5%. 

The fastest laps during Revolve24 were ridden in March 2019 with the record holders being Julie-Anne Hazlett (7mins 4secs, avge speed 42.0km/hr) and Pat Jonker (6mins 37secs, avge speed 44.9km/hr).

There is a short KOM/QOM segment starting at Turn 13

GT Circuit .gpx file


The Le Mans style start of the 24hr and 6hr challenges gets the event off to a dramatic start. The riders will be on one side of the track and when the flag drops they will run (or waddle!) over to the far side of the track, take their bike from a supporter, mount up and set off. 


The higher up the grid you qualify then the nearer you will be to the start line. To secure you or your team’s qualification, then you need to join the Strava club Revolve24. To join this group click HERE. Alternatively, log on to Strava, navigate to ‘Explore’ from the Strava web page or select ‘Groups’ at the bottom of the Strava app, choose ‘Clubs’ and type in Revolve24. You can then join the group. Just ride as normal after that and we will aggregate the individual rides into the team's qualifying performance.

The qualifying position is a calculation of each team’s collective qualifying performance. This is a calculation of distance that you or your team has ridden, combined with the cumulative elevation.


The grid positions will be periodically published, so that you can see how well your team is doing and the final qualifying grid will be available when you check in at the Bend Welcome Centre for the event weekend.


The qualification period is from the moment you register for the event and join the Strava Club.


Rydges Pit Lane Hotel is a brand-new hotel situated in the main building of The Bend. Many of the rooms look directly over the circuit. The well-insulated rooms feature double-glazed windows and Rydges Dream Beds which means that taking a break is a joy, whilst your team mates do their laps!


BIG4 The Bend Holiday Park is a large holiday park with lots of open spaces. They have a range of accommodation options to suit everyone’s individual requirements. Go HERE to see the full range of options. 

Big4 are offering a 10% discount for Revolve24 bookings – regardless of accommodation style, but this must be a 2 night minimum stay. This is offer is valid for event weekend. To access your discount then call Tracey Schilds on 08 8165 5740 and mention that you are with Revolve24.

No further discounts apply: Terms and Conditions

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