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Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club embrace the challenge

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club (DHBC) is a large, well established club based in Sydney's inner west. In fact the club was formed in 1908 and has around 500 members. We caught up with their President, David Dight, to find out more about their club as well as what they were looking forward to for their three teams who have entered Streetwork 12+12 by Revolve24.

Here's how David describes DHBC, their members and what they love the most:

'We appeal to a broad range of riders -

serious road racers, weekend enthusiasts, track, CX, juniors, social riders. Our strongest disciplines are Road, Track and Gravel.

We love the Sydney roads and run many weekly rides, ranging from the Royal National Park in the south to Akuna Bay in the north.

The club uses Canterbury(Tempe) Velodrome for track training sessions and racing. In the future we are hoping to use the velodrome as a hub for club activities in general.

We run an annual track carnival at Tempe. This event is one of the biggest and most popular track events in NSW."

DHBC have embraced the challenge of Streetwork 12+12 by Revolve24 and entered two Womens teams and one Mens team..

Watch out for the Mens team ("Marginal Gains") with team members, Will Browne (C), Mark Gibian, Peter Franc, Grant Holbert. Here's what they are looking forward to:

"Definitely the teamwork aspect of the event and learning new skills as some of us have never done any kind of TTT event before." Their strategy is founded on the concept of Marginal Gains (hence the team name) - small incremental improvements in any process amount to a significant improvement in total.

"In this case it’s not the maximum power we can reach but more so how smoothly and well-paced we can do the riding in proper formation. To that goal we will try and get together as a team before the event and practice the process. Looking at past year results the best performers did the longer circuit first then the shorter one, so that also might be a guide for the ordering we will choose!"

....and here's how the two Womens teams are approaching the event.

Womens team 1 ("No Brakes"): Eleri Morgan-Thomas (C), Anja-Mia Woodward-Watson, Katie Uther, Tarryn Myburgh

Womens team 2 ("The Breakaways"): Lauren Catherine, Laura Ivonne, Fi Miller, Mila Burnham (C)

"We are all keen to ride as a team and are excitedly planning for the event, but we are playing our cards close to our chests. We secretly want to beat some of the DHBC men’s teams and we’re looking for all the tricks. Our final plan will be revealed on the day and will depend on the weather and how our training is going.” “Many of us haven’t ridden an event like this before. But DHBC knows the TTTs are gateway races for club members. It’s a safe way to race and to get used to riding the tactics that you often see employed in racing, such as a breakaway efficiently working together. We look forward to learning and trying racing"

We are looking forward to DHBC gracing the tarmac at Sydney Motorsport Park on 29 October. If you want to join them, then you can!


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