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Team Greg is in for Revolve24

Have you met Greg?

Greg is a revolutionary app that brings people together. Some might call it ‘Tinder for Sports’, but it’s a lot more than just that. The app enables members to set up or find activities and events in their area, or anywhere.

The Greg team’s vision is to create welcoming environments for anyone to become involved in any activity they would like. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran looking for a new team to join, or a newbie looking to play some social games for the first time, Greg has you covered.

The idea behind Greg is to encourage and facilitate social connection and physical activity between men. Research has shown this has an overwhelmingly positive impact on mental health and overall wellbeing. In order to motivate men to get involved, we need everyone on board supporting their husbands, fathers, sons, other family and friends by having a go themselves.

Greg will be entering teams into the 6hour, 12hour and 24hour challenges at Revolve24 in March.

Team Greg is the team for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been training for months, jumping back on the bike after a long break or having a crack at your first cycling event. Greg is the team for you.

Greg doesn’t care about results, just getting legends together to chat, sweat and have a bloody good time doing it. As long as you’re a good mate, you’re in.

If you’re someone who might like the idea of the Revolve24 (who doesn’t?) but is worried about committing to an event Greg will be present throughout the entire weekend. You won’t have to look far when you rock up, Greg will be set up waiting for you.

You’ll score some merch for being part of the team, mechanical support, refreshments and the chance to meet likeminded legends to join for rides in the future.

Greg members will need to adhere to Code Greg. You’ll also need to download the app to ensure you can put all your training rides up as activities.

Champion Greg members also understand that if they’re rocking Greg merch, it means they are inviting and welcoming to all who would like to join. If you’re spotted wearing Greg socks while going for your weekend ride, or a jog, or shooting hoops, it means you’re keen for others to join you. It helps us to break down the barriers to participation in all activities, as well as allowing all of you legends to form new connections so that you never have to ride alone again.

To get involved in the team, head to your app store and download Greg.

To find out more, check out www.getgreg.app or get in touch with the team here – jordan@mensana.app


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