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Meet Alan Walker, the very first entrant to Revolve24 2022.

Alan is ‘first’ in quite a few ways. Not only is he the very first entry to Revolve24’s 24hr Challenge in March 2022 but he also holds the membership number 1 for Audax Australia, of which he is a co-founding member.

In keeping with the theme of being ‘first’, Alan served as the first Secretary of Audax Australia and was the first newsletter editor for the club.

Alan has an amazing history of endurance riding and when asked why he had registered for Revolve24, Alan said “Firstly there is the personal best aspect but that is part of something much bigger. It is the camaraderie. I want to be there when a crowd of my fellow cyclists are giving it their all. The person who completes 400 km and leaves it all out on the track and has hit their limit is every bit as admirable as the person who completes 800 km. No matter how far we go, if our struggle is equal, our accomplishment is equal. Secondly, why do I want to do it on March 26th and 27th in particular? That will be the five-year anniversary of the last of my treatment for cancer. I want to celebrate being not dead.”

A quick look down Alan’s riding achievements shows what a wealth of major rides he has completed.

- 1984 Geelong-Mildura-Geelong 1000 (Australia’s first 1000 brevet ride)

- 1992 Ballarat-Millicent-Ballarat 1200

- 2003 Paris-Brest-Paris

- 2014 Tour de Tasmania 1200

- 2016 Japan Hokkaido 1200

- 2018 Perth-Albany-Perth 1200

- 2019 The Geelong Flyer 1000 (35 Years since Alan’s last 1000 brevet)

- Oppy Team Captain and Oppy Team member

Alan will be 66yrs old when Revolve24 comes around and we wish him all the very best in beating his 520km goal.


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