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Rishi Fox is back!

Rishi is the first female entry to Revolve24 2022, in the solo 24hr category, but it’s not her first time to ride with us at The Bend. Rishi was also a 24hr soloist in 2019.

When we asked her what her goal was for the 2022 edition, Rishi said:

“With a few months to train I am hoping that I can get my fitness back in time to aim for the goal which I set for 2020 when the race was cancelled..... over 600km! I think back then I was aiming for 650 km but considering the lack of fitness if I can beat my previous distance of 594 km I will be stoked. It will be amazing to be part of a big event again, so I really hope it will go ahead. I had such a great time in 2019 and after so long being unable to compete or even ride outside, it will be amazing. Thanks for giving us the opportunity :)

Talking of training, Rishi hails from Melbourne and the lockdowns there have recently thrown a spanner in the works. Here’s how she has coped.

“I was entered to race the Transcontinental again in 2020 which was postponed to 2021, and then cancelled. Every event I have entered since the lockdowns started have also been cancelled. My riding has had to move to be predominantly indoors on Zwift. The two-hour exercise limit and the 5km radius has meant it is near impossible to do long distance training. In 2020 I was still quite motivated and did an online basecamp everesting as well as some longer routes like The Uber Pretzel."

"With the continued lockdown my motivation has waned and I stopped training for some time. My fitness level has plummeted, and it is has been a really long time since I have ridden over 100 km. What a change! I have recently started training again in hope that my next event isn’t cancelled. The Mallee Blast is a 1000km self-supported gravel bike packing race scheduled to start at the end of October. There is a high probability it will be cancelled due to lockdowns, but am hoping it won’t, and even though I am nowhere near physically ready, if it goes ahead, I will be giving it my all. The missed opportunities really make you want to make the most of it.

All the very best to Rishi with her training and making the most of all the opportunities that come her way to get on her bike.


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