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Women in Cycling - Dani & Shar

Dani & Shar have signed up as a 2-person team in the 24hr Challenge, having previously completed various team and solo Revolve24 editions, as well as the virtual Revolve24. They are clearly experienced cyclists and we caught up with them to find out more about how they teamed up, about their cycling adventures, how they both got started as cyclists and, last but not least, what was their ride plan for Revolve24 2022

How did you start riding together?

"Dani announced she wanted to ride across America and Sharlene said “Hey I’m into that“, so that's how we became Dani and Shar."

"With 18months to train, we spent a lot of time together, getting ready for an epic adventure in the

USA. We knew we could spend the day riding together but thought we should do a couple of overnight riding trips to be sure that we still liked each other. Fortunately we both like red wine and one of us could ignore snoring, so really we had nothing to worry about.

Dani & Shar hitting the border in the USA

"Our overnight trips were successful so off to the USA we went… 58 days of supported riding across the USA was stopped 16 days in with Covid-19. Back we flew to Australia, days before the international borders slammed shut. We plan to return and ride the Southern Tier in March

2023, fingers crossed."

Riding into Duncan USA

Dani and Shar kept riding, including a supported Mawson Trail in Oct 2021, more overnight trips, lots of gravel rides, lots of laughs, a few flats, lots of wild ideas about the next adventure and deciding to ride 200kms without any preparation! Not the best way to plan a big ride.

"In Oct 2022 and with borders still shut, we hit the Lavender Trail in SA with our partners and friends. This was our first unsupported adventure (other than overnighters). 8 days of carrying our own gear, riding, eating, laughing, and bad weather! Each night was a different bed in another town. From pubs to farm-stays and wineries. At some stage we will get brave and sleep in a tent or bivvy...or maybe not! We like hot food, hot showers and a bed. We have a few ideas that we are

throwing around for the future, some are a little scary!"

Dani on one of their SA gravel adventures

Clearly they have lots of fun and have become experienced cyclists but it's always interesting to know how to get into cycling in the first place, so we asked them. How did you both get started?

"We started cycling after joining the AusCycling initiative for women She Rides in 2015, coached by Margaret Boylan. After this we both joined the Skinny Lattes Cycling Club and have participated in lots of riding and meeting inspirational women.

Both of us have remained close to Margaret Boylan and are part of First Principles Coaching, run by Margaret".

Dani and Shar are pleased to have First Principles Coaching sponsoring their Revolve 24 2022 Duo Challenge.

Finally, we asked do they have a ride plan for Revolve24 2022?

"Not yet anyway, we will come up with some sort of plan but we ride cause we like it."

Good summary! See you both on track!

Click on the links to find more information on how to get into cycling:

First Principles Coaching: Cycling coaching & fitness training for recreational cyclists of all ages, abilities & sizes in Adelaide South Australia.

She Rides: There’s nothing quite like riding a bike to experience the feeling of freedom. It brings back childhood memories of riding with friends, having fun outdoors, being fit and active. But for many women, somewhere along the road to adulthood, the bike gets put away and they stop riding.

Skinny Lattes: The Skinny Lattes is a women’s specific cycling club based in Adelaide, South Australia. We are women from all walks of life, stages, abilities and ages who love to cycle. We are recreational riders, track riders and road riders who enjoy clocking up kilometres in beautiful Adelaide and


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