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Women in Cycling - The Skinny Lattes

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

The Skinny Lattes have entered three 4-person teams in Revolve 24 2022, the Grande Lattes, the Chai Lattes and the Espresso Lattes, so we wanted to know all about this women's specific club that love cycling and lattes. Here's their story:

The Skinny Lattes is a women's specific cycling club based in Adelaide, South Australia. We are women of all ages, from all walks of life, stages and abilities who share a common love of cycling.

From our humble beginnings riding along Linear Park in 2002 we have developed into a respected cycling club that offers weekly training rides and provides pathways to help members to reach their cycling goals. As our member numbers increased we became an incorporated cycling club and we are affiliated with AusCycling.

Our members are road riders, gravel, track, triathletes and recreational riders who enjoy clocking up kilometres in beautiful Adelaide and beyond. We range from weekend warriors to Elite racers. Some of our members regularly take part in the National Road Series, State Championships and Masters Games.

The SLCC developed and run the SLCC Women’s Series which comprises of cycling events spread over the year and is aimed at getting women racing – it’s a friendly but serious grassroots level racing experience. There are individual time trials, hill climbs and track events providing opportunities for all skills and strengths. Series points are won on placing but also for simply participating.

To our members we are able to offer a range of training rides (supported by certified/accredited coaches) cycling events, insurance, training workshops, support and encouragement to help women ride safer and better and of course meet for coffee (a Skinny Latte) at the end of a ride.

Membership: The Skinny Lattes Cycling Club is a club that supports and encourages women. If you would like information about various membership options please contact AusCycling. If you would like more information about the SLCC please contact us via our website https://www.skinnylattescycling.org.au

We look forward to meeting you!

We also had some questions for the Skinny Lattes.

What level of female cyclists sign up to become part of this community?

The SLCC members have whole range of cycling skills. We offer a number of different opportunities in riding and racing to support the various skill levels. The weekend rides will have two options short or longer, hills or flatter rides and some just meet us for a coffee.

How do Skinny Lattes support women to get into cycling?

Women often contact us via our website or through word of mouth or approach us when we are out riding. We ask ‘what are your cycling goals’ and we can relate to all levels of cycling skill. Importantly the club has a dedicated group of cycling coaches and ride leaders who maintain their accreditation to ensure we are supporting women in the most appropriate way.

How many teams have they entered into Revolve24 2022?

We have three 4 person teams entered in Revolve 24, the Grande Lattes, the Chai Lattes and the Espresso lattes. Some team members have had experience in teams in past events but most will be experiencing this for the first time.

How are they preparing for Revolve24?

We are improving strength and fitness with our weekly rides as well as specific training rides dedicated to experiencing night riding conditions and endurance.

Those members experienced in Revolve 24 are sharing their knowledge.

We meet regularly after our rides to discuss the next steps and importantly we are looking forward to being together having fun doing what we are so passionate about – riding with our girl tribe.

We very much look forward seeing the 'girl tribe' on track on 26-27 March 2022!


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